Beginner Learn to Swim Courses

During the school year, BRAINS offers a limited number of Learn to Swim classes for children no younger than 5 years old who do not already know how to swim. Most classes are pre-enrolled with students currently enrolled in a BRAINS Beginner Learn to Swim class. A limited number of spots are expected to become availalble for the upcoming season's classes; if interested in being placed on a wait list and recieving a courtesy call to register for a vacated spot please call BRAINS at (347)-267-9469.

Please do not sign your child up for these classes if he or she already knows how to swim.

For information about Summer Red Cross Learn to Swim registration and class details, Click Here.

BRAINS' Beginner Learn to Swim Classes

Two sets of beginner learn-to-swim classes are offered; one set running from September to January, another from February to mid-June. Each 40- or 50-minute class meets once a week. Classes are conducted in the pool extension, which is approximately 3 - ½ feet deep. Children should be water comfortable and ready to learn in order to take the class. They must have a bathing suit, bathing cap and a towel to enter the pool and should wear swim goggles.

Limited to 5 to 7 year-olds who do not already know how to swim.

Please note: The FHHS pool is a competition pool - water temperature is cool.

Summer Red Cross Learn To Swim Registration Information

Registration for BRAINS 2016 SUMMER PROGRAM begins Tuesday, March 22nd @ 5:30PM!

NOTICE: There will be no registration from Saturday, April 24th through May 1st.

Printable flyer available here: 2016 Summer FLYER.pdf

American Red Cross and Intermediate Registration form - download here: 2016 ARC REGISTRATION Form

These classes are for Beginners, Novices and Intermediates.

Ages 6 - 13, Weekdays  

Not 6 years old yet? A limited class for 5 year-old beginners will be offered starting at 4PM. Call Maria @ 347 267-9469 for information and availability.

Cost: $195 per 9-day session

Novice / Intermediate Learn to Swim Classes  take place in the regulation pool (with lane lines in place).

Pre-requisite for Novice / Intermediate Classes: Students should be able to swim one length of the pool without stopping, tread water, and float.

Summer Red Cross Learn To Swim Class Schedule

BRAINS' Summer 2016 American Red Cross Learn To Swim


Tuesdays 5:30 - 7:30PM  Thursdays 5:30 - 8PM    Saturdays 3 - 5PM.

Cost: $195 per 9-day session

Ages 6 - 13   Weekdays Only

Not 6 years old yet? A limited class for 5 year-old beginners will be offered starting at 4PM. Call Maria @ 347 267-9469 for information and availability.

Printable Flyer available here: 2016 Summer FLYER.pdf

Classes are tentatively scheduled to take place at the indicated dates and times below (updated 7/16/16)

LTS 1 


    (weekdays only)
   from Noon - 1:15 PM *

 LTS 2


 (weekdays only)
   from 1:15 PM - 2:30PM *
  LTS 3    


   (weekdays only)
   from 2:30PM - 3:45PM *

LTS 4 Nov./Int.

Spots Available


(weekdays only)
from 4PM - 5:15PM *




   from Noon - 1:15 PM *



   (weekdays only)
   from 1:15 PM - 2:30PM*

LTS  7  


  (weekdays only)
   from 2:30PM - 3:45PM *

   Nov/Int 8 
  Spots Available 


   (weekdays only)
   from 4PM - 5:15PM *

 LTS 9  


  (weekdays only)
from Noon - 1:15 PM *

LTS 10 

    (weekdays only))
   from 1:15 PM - 2:30PM*
   LTS 11


 (weekdays only)
from 2:30PM - 3:30PM *

   Nov./Int. 12

Spots Available 

  (weekdays only)
 from 3:45PM - 5PM *

Classes end five minutes before session end time to allow for safe transition between periods.

Terms & Conditions

Please make checks out to BRAINS.

Please note:

The FHHS pool is a competition pool, not a bathing pool - water temperature is cool. BRAINS does not offer refunds for variations in temperature or condition of the water or facility. Maintenance of the FHHS pool facility is performed by a private company under contract with the NYC Department of Education and is not, in any way, under the control of the Bay Ridge Aquatics Institute, Inc.

No refunds. Applicant is responsible for the total fee since acceptance to the program is offered to a limited number of candidates. All teaching costs, security and  permit fees must be paid for whether classes are attended or not, therefore BRAINS cannot offer make-up classes, credits or refunds for any classes you may miss. In the event that a class is cancelled we will, at our option, either schedule a make-up or offer a refund or credit for the number of classes cancelled. Exceptions: If major illness or serious complications make it impossible for the registrant to attend classes, we will make every effort to fill the remaining classes with another participant. Should such circumstances arise and we can fill the slot, while we are not obligated to do so, we will consider your request for a refund or credit. Please note that a processing fee of $25 will be applied to any refunds granted. If you are seeking such consideration, you must submit this request in writing along with doctor's notes and/or any other proof needed.

Transfers: Any transfer requests not initiated by BRAINS must be accompanied by payment of a $15 transfer processing fee.

This activity is not sponsored nor endorsed by the New York City Department of Education.  The views and opinions expressed by the sponsoring organization or its participants do not necessarily state or reflect those of the New York City Department of Education.

Payment at Registration

Pool Status:

CLOSED  FOR RENOVATION (June Through December)

Advisory :

The Fort Hamilton High School pool is undergoing renovation expected to run from June through December, 2017. This project was originally scheduled to occur last year, but was postponed. Because of this project BRAINS will not be registering students for summer programs this year. Please check back for any updates to see if and when any classes might be offered this fall / winter.

For Current BRAINS Program Enrollees:

If you or your child were enrolled in a Spring 2017 BRAINS program and wish to re-enroll once your program is again available, please know that we will be reaching out to you by the email address you put on your registration form to provide you with a priority registration opportunity. We will also post this information on the BRAINS website once we are able to again offer programs at Fort Hamilton High School. Once the priority registration period ends registration will be available only as space allows.

In order to register for any of BRAINS' classes, payment in full must be made at the time of enrollment. We will not hold spots or accept registration forms without full payment.  (Completed registration form must be signed by a parent or guardian if the student is a minor.)

Looking for summer Learn to Swim classes?  click here.

Novice Classes

If space allows, a "novice" class may be created with enrollment preference given to current beginner learn-to-swim students displaying the ability to swim without assistance. This program is by invitation only.

Summer Registration



Call 347 267-9469 For Latest Registration Information

2016 Summer -  Details & Forms

Printable Flyer available here: 2016 Summer FLYER

Harbor Seal Camp registration  form - download here: HSCAMPReg form2016

American Red Cross and Intermediate form - download here: ARC LTS RegForm2016

Updated 7/16/16

 Adult LTS Spots Available

 High School Early Bird  -  Approval Required
(BRAINS Approval Required)

 HS Camp ASpots Available

 HS Camp B  Spots Available

 HS Mini  C Spots Available

 HS Mini D Spots Available

 LTS  Class 1**CLASS FULL**

 LTS  Class 2 **CLASS FULL**

  LTS  Class 3 **CLASS FULL**

 Inter/Nov 4 Spots Available 

 LTS Class 5 **CLASS FULL*

 LTS Class 6 **CLASS FULL*

 LTS Class 7 **CLASS FULL**

 Inter/Nov 8 Spots Available




 Inter/Nov 12 Spots Available